intermediate shaft failure prevention

Autofarm can upgrade your engine's weak intermediate shaft with a stronger bearing and prevent the possible failure from occuring and potential large builds in the future.

The bearing on the Intermediate Shaft (IMS) is considered to be a weak point of the M96 series engines featured in all 986 Boxster, 996 Carreras and some early 997 Carrera's. When rebuilding an engine we replace the intermediate shaft as a whole with the latest 997 style shaft. This is a feature of all our modern engine rebuilds and partly how we get such excellent reliability. However, this is not very cost effective as a preventative measure as to replace the shaft the whole engine has to be dismantled and reassembled.

Where possible we change the bearing with the engine in situ (on Boxsters and 2wd Carrera models) as easily as changing the clutch and flywheel. You could change these items at the same time to save on labour costs in the future.

For prices, please contact us on 01865 331234

First we drain the oil and check it for metal debris and particles. This preventative measure cannot be carried out on a bearing that has already failed or is failing.   Check inside the oil filter housing for metal particles
We check inside the oil filter as well as the housing. Our fixed price job includes an oil and filter change.   Check inside old oil filter for metal particles
Where possible we will carry out the replacement with the engine still in the car. This isnt possible on 4WD models. Here we see the exposed IMS and crankshaft once the flywheel has been removed.   Flywheel removed exposing end of crank and IMS
Special tools are required to remove the flange and bearing housing without disturbing the engine internals.   Removing old IMS bearing
This picture shows the bearing puller attached ready for extraction.   Removing old IMS bearing, tool attached
The new bearing is then carefully installed.   New bearing installed
The new bearing also includes an improved flange and seal.   New IMS flange bolted on and sealed
All done, the flywheel, clutch and gearbox can now be reinstalled.   New flange and bearing installed ready to go